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True Stories from Transylvania

TOP STORIES OF THE WEEK – (See details below list.)

Rie Vali, Professional Web Page Designer Donates Web Page for God’s Children

Rosemarie Hitesman Makes Donation to God’s Children in Memory of Charmion DeVed

Anne Learns How to Blog on

Many Obstacles Overcome to Apply for Long Term Visa

A BIG THANK YOU goes to Rie and Peter Vali, Lewisville, TX, dear friends for many years and now longtime supporters of our work in Romania.  Rie, a professional web site designer, created the beautiful web site for our new non profit organization, God’s Children!  Take a look at to see how talented she is AND read about the benevolent works God has led us to help support. Peter and Rie were the first to make a cash donation to God’s Children.  Ed and Judy Duncan were the first to make a donation on line. Aren’t they smart!

Rosemarie Hitesman, LST Team member 2 years in a row, is the first to make a donation ($500) in memory of a dear friend, Charmion DeVed.  Being here 6 weeks, Rosemarie’s heart was touched by the medical needs of the children here.  We’re can’t wait to see Dr. K’s face when God’s Children presents her with funds to help the children she so faithfully serves.

Anne and Rie spent 2 hours on Skype while Rie trained Anne how to use the blog for God’s Children.  If stretching the brain keeps one healthy, my brain ought to be the healthiest 73.5 year old brain on earth!

Applying for a long stay visa seemed impossible.  The list of requirements was unbelievable, but we worked hard to get everything we could while in the U.S.  We’d been here 8 days when the list was shortened!  All we lacked was a Romanian Dr’s. statement that we have no diseases that pose a threat to the citizens of Romania. Well, that should be simple enough to get…or so we thought.

But no…we had to apply for National Health Insurance, and once approved, we could choose our Dr.  THEN, she could write that letter. I predicted, “When we apply, they are going to tell us that we have to first have the long stay visa!”  Sure enough, the government insurance rep said we had to have the long stay visa to apply for health insurance!  But, Adolf read all the laws pertaining to foreigners and Romanian Health Insurance.  After he had that straightened out, we were ready to go again to the Immigration Office to attempt to give them all the papers to formally apply.

Are you falling asleep yet?  Hastening to the conclusion, 2 more forms had to be filled out again because we’d dated them on the day we filled in the form!  Taxes had to be paid at 3 offices, and, at last, our applications were accepted!  They have 30 days in which to reply. Depending on who is assigned to our case, we may get a 5 year, or a 4 year, or a 1 year visa.  It’s all in how one reads the laws.  ; > )

Stay tuned for the rest of the story.  We lead a very interesting life here surrounded by friends who want to help, study with us, be kind to us.  As Blanka said with amazement at the LST party last night, “There are people all over the world who need help…and God sent you to our little city!” 

Sherrie Hammond, RN, and wise friend explained it when she wrote, “Jesus says, “Everyone who comes to Me and listens to My words and obeys them is like a man building a house.  He digs down deep and builds his house on solid rock.  Then, the floods come, and the water tries washing the house away.  But the flood can not move the house, because the house is built well (Luke 6:47,48-SEB).”….Building our lives on Christ’s Solid Rock foundation requires that we “dig down deep into our soul.”  We go deep into the core of our being until we reach that “solid rock” purpose upon which everything makes sense.”  We pray that God will help you also reach that “solid rock” purpose for your life. — Anne and Dan

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