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A Sudden Storm

Can things really change so rapidly?  Two weeks and two days ago, we were in our home in Romania looking at a bulge protruding from Dan’s lower abdomen.   Terror struck my heart when I saw that large, hard mass.  I knew, but I refused to say the C word.  Five days later we were on a plane headed back to Dan’s doctors in the U.S.

It feels like we have been caught in a whirlwind starting with travel arrangements, then doctor appointments and a multitude of tests beginning the afternoon we landed at DFW.  Dan has had blood work, C T Scan, two MRIs, and Venous Doppler Scan of his right leg.  And CHEMO begins net Tuesday.

Our Christian friends here have helped keep us sane.  Through them, God has provided all that we need.  Phone calls, messages and visits from our sons, grandchildren, siblings and friends who live far away have lifted our spirits greatly.

The last two days have been a welcome interlude in the midst of all the struggle.  Friday during the 3 hours we had the energy to be at Global Missions Forum, we were blessed to see Glenn Boyd, Dan’s beloved cousin, and Mladen whom we first met in Zagreb in 1973.  To top it all off, Friday afternoon, Dan’s siblings all came to visit us!  All our cares melted away immersed in their love. 

Robert and Jo Ann Scruggs, in the midst of Jo Ann’s battle with lung cancer, reminded us that the way to make it through hard days of illness is found in Romans 12:12, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Please, keep praying that God will shrink the mass, and heal whatever is causing it. -– Anne and Dan

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