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Dan had a good day today even though he does not have much appetite.  Jim, from Fayetteville, brought a lot of happiness into our lives by dropping in.  He had to be in Texas, so he drove a couple of extra hours to visit us.

Ann J. shared this poem with us.  It describes our situation now, and gives a “prescription” for how to take care of everything.  May you be blessed by reading it.  — Anne and Dan


by Jessie R. Sandberg

I am waiting, Lord, and I feel immobilized by fear—frozen by the things I do not understand.

 I cannot step ahead toward goals that once seemed so obtainable.

Late storms have brought disaster to my landscape.

Familiar things seem somehow not to sit quite soundly on their old foundations.

Strange shifts of angles in the shape of forms once stable and secure confuse me, make me lose my compass-point.

Where to turn? What to do? I have no clue as to the future.

My options have dissolved and trickle away with the run-off from the storm.

 And so I wait… Lord, help me not to simply sit among my broken things, turning them over and over in my hands, grieving for the past.

Teach me in my waiting to find the valued remnants and store them in a place quiet and safe. Help me to take the time to bury dead dreams with dignity—not to wallow in regrets nor to collect small grievances.

Let nothing be wasted in this crisis that has seemed to stop the clock and lock the door to all I felt most precious.

Help me to watch beyond my altered skyline for that first faint glow of Morning Sun.

 Let me wrap myself in faith and snuggle down with hope.

Help me to discern, even now, the soft gilding of these ruins with early dawn.

Let me see, approaching with the morning light, the form of Him who stills the storm and transforms with His presence.

—From the book: “Letting People Off the Hook”


Entry filed under: Cancer's Dark Valley.

A Different Kind of Day Perhaps Waiting Is the Hardest

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