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One Moment Everything Was Beautiful…

Everything went so well – the flight to California, the trip to Sonoma, the wedding ceremony of the beautiful couple…but 30 minutes later, Dan said, “I need to lie down.”  When Dan’s fever reached 100.5 F, we phoned Dr. Anderson’s office.  Five minutes later, an oncologist was advising us to begin giving Dan the antibiotic Dr. Anderson sent with us, and two Tylenol for the fever. Before the Tylenol began to work, his fever shot up to 101.6 F.  

Scott sent me to bed at 12:45 a.m. while he kept vigil.  When Scott saw that his Dad’s fever was going down, he finally went to bed.  Everyone in the family – Scott, Michelle, Shelby, 15, Danny, 12, Erica 10, and Leeanne Mercer (Michelle’s Mom) have all helped to take care of Dan.  It looks like Dan is through the worst part of the infection, but the chemo after effects are severe…no appetite, extreme fatigue which causes him to sleep most of the time.  We wake him up to take his temperature, take his meds, make him drink water.

The best news is that Dan felt like getting up tonight to sit in the living room rocking chair while he visited with us and ate 1/2 cup of Michelle’s chicken dumpling soup.  Earlier, with Michelle and crew taking care of Dan, I spent 2 hours resting on the beach soothed by the sound of the waves as they flowed back and forth.  The day was topped off by a long phone call from our son, Bob, in North Carolina.  

No matter how dark the day, God brings Light and Joy to those who love Him. How do you know who loves God? James ex[plains it well in James 1:22,25 – “Do what God’s message says;….When you merely sit and listen to the message, then you are only fooling yourselves…the person who looks closely into the…perfect law of freedom…and holds onto it…He is the one who really obeys God.  He finds happiness in doing it.” — Anne and Dan

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