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God Is Faithful…but Are We?

God says, “Do not worry, I am with you.  Do not be afraid, I am your God.  I will make you strong.  I will help you.  I will support you with My good right hand (Isaiah 41:10-ETRV).”

I let today be very stressful. I forgot all of God’s promises.  Dan’s leg and cancer mass are swollen worse than ever increasing his pain.Tonight I decided to read again the list of possible side effects from taking the antibiotic he started late Friday night.  I realized that the extreme fatigue and some mental confusion Dan is struggling with are probably due to the antibiotic.  And, my forgetting to be faithful to God is due to being too tired.

Feeling very down, I decided to take time to read messages our loved ones from around the world sent us.  Dan and I both feel much better after being immersed in loving words, and scriptures…”Hello my love, please give Dan the biggest hug from us.  We know the ground on which you are walking and our hearts are with you.”

“God sent me to the sad people of Zion.  I will get them ready for the celebration.  I will take away the ashes on their head, and I will give them a crown.  I will take away their sadness and give them the oil of happiness (Isaiah 61:3-ETRV).” 

“I am praying for you both so God help you to pass over this situation. A verse in Roman 28 is telling that we are more than successful over the problems thrue Jesus Christ our Lord. And also is a very encouraging verse in Isaiah that tell us that Jesus took the punishment…and thru His wounds we are healed.  When I was sick, I constantly repeated this vers in my mind and I asked the blood of Jesus to clean me and save me. This was real for me and it worked, and after some days of prayers God healed me. We have a real hope in our Jesus Lord and He is the same for you as for me, thats why I love Him. If He do it for me, HE WILL DO IT FOR YOU. I can believe it.”

We believe it too!  Thank you – all of you who minister to us with phone calls, e-mails, messages on Facebook, Skype.  God has sent you to be angels to us, to help us find our way.  We love and appreciate you deeply. — Anne and Dan

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