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A Good Day in Spite of Pain

Though the mass continues to grow larger causing more pain, Dan’s energy and appetite increases slightly each day.  It seems that the worst part of the attack from the second dose of chemo is past.  Dan is able to be out of bed for several hours at a time.   During those times, we are having fine conversations covering many areas with our family here.  Scott and Michelle are helping us to think more clearly about the challenges in our life.

Tonight, after dinner, Dan spoke from his heart with the grandchildren about what we are dealing with. Because he is an Intentional Follower of Jesus, he has peace in his heart.  Jesus promises us a home with Him if we give our lives to Him.  We are grateful that loved ones all over the world continue to pray for Dan’s healing. Dan believes God still has work for us to do for Him. 

A dear friend in Romania gave us permission to share her encouraging, tender letter with you.  It expresses what so many there have said to us —

“Dear Anne and Dan,

There is no sequence of a day without thinking of you!  And no day passes without a prayer – as simple as I can do, but it is still a prayer – for you. I have read the news and I am aware of the fact that it must be extremely difficult …

There is no word to say how much I am waiting for you back here – and I hope that the day comes!

I wish you strength, I wish you the first beams of a wonderful summer morning sun!
I am with you!

Love,  EB”

At the close of this day in Montara, California, we wish you all strength and the peace that only God can provide.  — Anne and Dan

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