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A Really Good Day

Occasionally in this battle with cancer, Dan has a good day.  We are thankful to God that today was one of those days!  August 20 he had Dose One of Chemotherapy Round Two.  It went well.  We were only there two hours.

Each time he has had a chemotherapy treatment, they first give him an anti-nausea treatment. Is that why he feels so well today? I wonder if tomorrow or the next day will be when he crashes like he did after the first 2 treatments. We never know what to expect. 

But what we do know is that no matter how difficult the path becomes, God sends someone to us who helps us over the tough spots and lifts our spirits.  We are thankful for the many families who helping Dan fight for his life.  A few are “natural born” relatives.  Many became family because God brought us together.  Can you imagine the joy we feel when those whom we love tell us they are growing, rethinking their life choices?  For example, “Your lives inspire and transform and help re-position our own.”

We don’t know a greater joy than helping someone draw closer to God. In John 4:13,14, Jesus said,  “Any person who drinks this water (from a well) will become thirsty again, but if anyone drinks the water which I will give that person, he will never be thirsty again.  The water which I give him will become a spring inside him welling up to eternal life.”  This we believe! — Dan and Anne

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