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Each Day Is a New Day

A good night’s rest and a day of sunshine (with a high of 33 C/ 92 F) gave us both a better day. After we ate breakfast, Dan said, “I’m sorry, but I have to lie down.” I replied, “That’s your job today…resting when you need to.”  Later, when he had some energy, he showered…and discovered that his hair is coming out in handfuls.  We were surprised at the challenge it was getting all the fallen hair off of his face. Actually, Dan is quite calm about becoming bald.  Tonight, he still has some hair.  I wonder if I will have Sunday breakfast with Yul Brenner???

Eating some papaya tablets helped his stomach stay calm, but he slept quite a bit of the day. In between naps, he is reading a book a friend recommended, GETTING WELL AGAIN, by O. Carl Simonton, M.D., Stephanie Matthews-Simonton, and Js L. Creighton.  It is a bestselling classic about the Simontons’ Revolutionary Lifesaving Self-Awareness techniques. Every person with cancer, and every therapist should read this book…and do what it recommends.

Being a therapist myself, I know  how the mind, and emotions affect a person’s health.  That is why I have asked over and over again that you ask God to heal whatever is causing the cancer in Dan’s body. (One of the most dramatic cases God allowed me to participate in was the case of the person with prolapsed heart valve…who is now completely recovered.)   God says, “Keep praying.  Trust me.”  So, please keep on praying that God will heal Dan in His own time, and that all of us being touched by Dan’s illness will draw closer to God and learn to truly trust God. — Anne and Dan

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