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Though we knew complications can arise any moment, we were optimistic because of the many blessings we’d had this week.  This morning I thought it was curious that Dan was still asleep at 9 a.m.  When we had our “good morning, I love you today” hug, I felt the fever in his chest and arms.  Our plans changed abruptly!

Rushing to HEB Medical Center at any hour of the day or night has become routine.  The Dr. had me bring him in for blood tests, and decided that Dan does not have an infection. The Dr. said, “the fever is from this week’s chemo treatment and immune system booster shot.” Tylenol brought Dan’s fever down.  He slept all afternoon and most of the evening.  But at 10:45 pm (6:45 am Romanian time), Dan’s fever had gone up to 100.5 F.  I phoned the Dr.  He said, “begin Cipro (antibiotic) and more Tylenol immediately.”

Dan has no symptoms of illness except for extreme weakness, no appetite, sleeping constantly and fever.  I will be checking his fever throughout the night.  My symptoms…fatigue, grief, pain seeing Dan so ill with most of his hair gone, confused thinking at times so I write everything down about meds and fever, but also filled with thankfulness that he is still with me.

God brought him into my life 58 years ago.  Dan taught me about the grace of God.  He helped me survive through several life threatening illnesses…all the while helping me walk closer and closer with God – the Father, Christ – the son, and the Holy Spirit.  We talk a lot these days about our “precious memories” and treasure each day together that God gives us now.

Do you treasure your friends and family?  Do you tell them how much they mean to you?    Some people say, “Oh, they know I love them.  I don’t have to say it.”  Well, frankly, nothing could be further from the truth.  if you haven’t told your family recently that you love them, why not? How much does God love you?  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 That’s how much! — Anne and Dan

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