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Friends Walk with Us

With Dan so weak, and temperature of 100.2 F, I didn’t feel up to writing tonight.  But God always provides for those who sincerely seek Him. One of our good friends of nearly 50 years gave me permission to post his uplifting message.  He pretty much says what Dan and I believe.  We pray you will be blessed by Jim’s letter. — Anne and Dan

“Dear Dan and Anne,

Both of you are in our prayers that you use the strength God has offered us to be able to handle situations like you are going through now. Anne, you are right we are inclined to live as though this is not going to happen to us. We know what the Bible says about life, and that God has appointed death to come. It has to come sooner or later, and it’s good that Dan has “more work to do for the Lord before he goes Home.” Amazingly enough these works will be carried on by others after he goes on into the life he has lived to enter into.

Your comparison of cancer being almost as common as catching a cold seems to have become the case. Death is the one other aspect that is most common to all life on earth. We therefore thank God for the resurrection and life eternal – His great gift to his children. Causes and cures continue to puzzle us, actually become confusing at times. That’s why it is so good to be able to fall back on our relationship with our Creator and Savior. No, we cannot know what tomorrow holds, but Christ gives us assurance for eternity. At the end of every day that’s worth much, much more. Even now, and truly especially now,  Romans 8:28-30 becomes the bottom line for all His followers! 

I pray that we accept what God has promised us and thank Him for being in control of all healing; not just physical, but also spiritual and emotional as well. We have been known to say, “Where there is life, there is hope.” On earth this becomes only relatively true, but beyond here, in the spiritual sense, it is the reality we live for.

Be of good courage and know you are loved by those who care,
Jim and Ruth Krumrei, Haarlem, Holland”

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