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Each Day Is A Gift

Each day with those we love is a gift.  Some choose to leave the gift wrapped tightly and pushed into a corner. Others choose to live one day at a time, walking calmly with the Lord and their loved ones.  I wish I would always choose to walk calmly remembering Who is actually in control of all things.  No matter what happens, when I give all my pain to Jesus, I walk in peace and joy.  That is also a gift.

Another gift God granted us was the four elders and their wives who came Thursday night to pray over Dan, Dottie and me.  We could not manage without the faithful prayers and visits of intentional Followers of Christ who are right here close to us.  Even though Christ is with us, we need people with skin on, and faith in their hearts to help us walk this dark valley.

Today we had to wait more than 3 hours before Dan actually had the C-T Scan, we are glad to have it behind us.  This was a good day for Dan because Scott, our son from California, and his co-worker, Patrick, came to visit.  They were here for Dan’s Small Group Bible Discussion in St. George, Romania.  It was wonderful!

After I brought Dan “home” from the C-T Scan, he had a light meal..sent me on my way, and went to sleep. I did that female thing that we call recreation – I went shopping!  It took 2 hours but I found a very lightweight comforter that will keep Dan warm without the weight of it hurting his leg.  He will sleep better now. (And, along the way, I looked at pretty dishes, all sorts of things for the kitchen, and had a good time.)

Thank you, Father, for giving us a blessed day…one more day together serving others in His name.– Anne and Dan

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