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A Further Glimpse into Dan’s Heart

Continuing what Dan wrote to a special friend in Romania –

“The important work we have been given to do is to be faithful through all our life no matter what difficulties and challenges we meet on the way to our home in heaven.  My aim in all this struggle is to let  people who know me see that my hope in Christ is deep and strong.

Today, I do not know what the outcome of my efforts to defeat this  
cancer will be.  I am hopeful that the Lord is healing me and will  
make it possible to live in Sfantu Gheorghe again.  And that is my earnest prayer.   
I love the people there more than I can tell you.  And you inspire me by your 
faith in the midst of all the troubles you experience.  So be of good  
cheer!  God will see us through all these things and give us an  
eternal inheritance where we will live with Him for eternity.

I am overwhelmed every day at the numbers of people who are praying  
for me every day all over the world.  Today I got a Skype call from  
one of the teachers who has been in my Bible study for the LST readers  
who wanted to continue reading God’s word.  She is deeply interested  
in the Lord’s Word and told me the studies have been very important to  
her.  She and the other class members are praying earnestly for me.”  — Dan

Today, our mood is good.  We know 4 people who had very serious cancer and were cured by eating a very nutritious diet.  Dan has decided to look into several different nutritional approaches.  If God wills, Dan will become strong, and we will continue to serve Him.  We pray that God will use us as tools in His hands to glorify Him, and that He keep us out of the way of His goals for our lives on earth being accomplished. — Anne and Dan

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If Only Our Faith Was as Deep as God’s Love

A time of waiting, testing?  We have no news yet from the C-T Scan.

Dan’s Dr. is on vacation.  We met with one of his partners who had not had time to review Dan’s case. Last week, we were told there would be news about the growth of the tumor Monday.  Wrong!  It will be Wednesday or Thursday.  The radiologist did not compare the C-T Scan from July with the one taken Friday. This morning I will drive 30 minutes to get a CD of the July C-T Scan taken in Grapevine, and hand carry it to Bedford HEB.  This will take most of the morning.  The Radiologist at HEB will compare the 2 Scans for the size of the tumor and the amount of fluid.  Only then will we know what the tumor is doing.

What we did learn Monday:
1.  The mass is larger now than in July.
2.  The Gemzar and  Taxotere did not work…will not be used again. They made Dan very ill.
3.  There is no known treatment for high-grade, aggressive extraosseous lyomyosarcomas like Dan has.

Today, our dear brother in the Lord in Kumasi, Ghana wrote this helpful message:
“There are  hundreds of people joining you in prayer. Relax (I know it is hard) but the Lord knows the best for His people.
We love you and we are praying for you. Psalms 128: I am sure some day you will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours, and on that day you will shout “Hallelujah.” God bless you and keep you during this time. Comfort and I join you in prayers. Love. Samuel & Comfort” 
From those words of Psalms 128, we take new courage, and will practice relaxing.  Please, keep praying that whatever is causing Dan’s cancer will be healed…and that God’s will be done.  God’s will is all that matters. — Dan and Anne

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