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Terminal, Maybe Not!

How many incorrect statements have we had from Dan’s doctors? Count them – 3. “We will tell you Monday, Sept.8, the size of the cancer and the amount of lymph fluid in the mass by comparing your latest Scan to the C-T Scan in July.” (The comparison was not, and has not yet been made.)  His partner saw us Sept. 8.”Mr. Boyd, there is nothing more we can do for you.   You should consider looking into palitive care” (in other words, pain management until Dan dies.) That’s # 2.

That Dr. also said that since I requested to know how much of the mass was fluid and how much was the actual tumor, he’d have a report for us by Thursday or Friday.  So far, they are batting 1000 in making 3 incorrect statements.  Now, they are saying, “We’ll do our best to get that report for you as soon as possible.”  Okay, their delays have given us time to receive some very helpful information about better ways to treat cancer than chemo.

Ed DeMoss, member of Saturn Road, Garland, Mission Committee, brought us a book, Three Months to Life, written by his friend, Gerald Wright, P.E., who developed his own method of guided imagery to defeat his cancer.  It is now 10 years later, and Gerald is alive and cancer free.  He has guided 26 other people from terminal cancer to good health.  I have had training in what he put together…it’s just that no one taught me how to use it against cancer.

Dan is eating small meals, and he is awake more than he is asleep now.  It will take some time for his body to recover from the poisoning by the chemo. We will continue to pursue feeding him a nutritious diet that helps starve cancers.  

But one thing is clear.  Do you know why Voodoo works?  It works because the victim believes what the native doctor tells him.  Remember Proverbs 23:7 ?  “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…”(Amplified Bible). Dan is choosing to believe that the doctors are doing the best they know how, but they don’t know everything.  Dan is thinking in his heart that God is giving him a second chance to be well.  Today began as one of those “down” days, but is ending as an “up” day.  Thank you, God, for giving us hope and for all the helpful, caring people in our lives.–  Anne and Dan

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