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God Is Busy with Our Lives

In an eye blink, our entire world changed. We live from day to day, thankful for each day we have together. Only God knows what purpose He has in mind for allowing Dan to have a Stage IV, rare sarcoma the size of a grapefruit in his right groin and lower abdomen.  Now that Dan is beginning to recover from the near death experience caused by the chemo, he is looking much better.  His energy is improving AND HE HAS BEEN PAIN FREE FOR 4 DAYS!
We are full of joy because Rodger Fulton is now in our beloved city of Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania.  At last report, he has 4 Readers for Let’s Start Talking for Monday, and a Small Group Bible Discussion set up for Monday night at 7:30 RO time (11:30 a.m. Texas time). Dan will lead the discussion, and Rodger will observe.  Rodger hopes to have at least one additional study group.  There are more who want appointments to read but Rodger and they have not connected yet.  Rodger has only been there one day!
Some have asked, “What keeps you going in the face of Dan’s serious illness?”  The answer is that we know and trust the promises of God found in the New Testament for all who study and obey His Word.  The rest of the answer is the prayers of the MANY around the world who are coming to the throne of God asking for mercy and healing for Dan.  Prayers like this one are helping us — 
“Dan,  You are marvelously and wonderfully made by our Amazing, All Powerful Creator.  He spoke, and a universe was created.  I pray, if it is His will for you, that He would speak to the cancer cells in you.  His words alone can vanquish the cancer.  I thank God that he has a PLAN for you.  I Praise God that He sings over you at night.  I am in AWE of our God who saved you, cares about you, thinks of you, knows you, and LOVES you!!!!  We pray for God to be Glorified through every moment that you serve Him.  We pray for God to bless you, lift you, carry you, heal you, and love you so tangibly through every moment you serve HIM.
We love you, and lift your name and your needs to Our Savior Jesus.
In Jesus’ Name, Melissa and Paul”
(printed by permission)
It feels like we are being stretched to the limit of our endurance, but we are growing.  God is good…all the time.  Because of you being tools in the hands of our God, we have everything we need.  May God bless you richly. — Anne and Dan

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