Minor ? Surgery for Dan

September 25, 2008 at 4:52 am Leave a comment

Friday, this week, Sept. 26, 10:45 Texas time,  Dan will  have a 2 hour Drain procedure in the Radiology Dept. at HEB Methodist, Bedford.  The mass in his body is as big as a grapefruit.  But today it was discovered that the inside of it is mostly fluid.  The Dr. will open the mass, look at the substance that is not fluid but also does not look like cancer.   The Dr. will  drain out the fluid. 

A study will be made of the stuff they remove.  Maybe the people who work there on the weekends will do the lab work and make a report.  Maybe we will know Wednesday or Thursday what the report says.

Dr. Anderson’s nurse said that the doctor who will drain the fluid from the mass, Dr. Reddy, a woman, is very good.  It is somebody in the HEB Radiology Dept. that ignored Dr. Anderson’s orders to compare the contents of the July x-rays with the Sept. 5, 08 C-T Scan.  They simply gave the outside measurements of the 2 “pictures” of the large mass.  Then Dr. Aurora, partner in Dr. Anderson’s group, saw Dan.  He did not look at Dan’s records or the X-Ray we brought for him to look at.  He read the Radiologist’s report, told us Dan had Stage IV cancer and was dying.  BUT that is not true! 

Dr. Anderson, himself, compared the two X-Rays this morning.  We should be rejoicing, but we are quietly thankful to God that Dr. Anderson looked at the pictures, and that there is something unidentifiable in the X-ray, that does not look like cancer. God is busy with us.  Thank you again for your prayers.  Keep praying that Dan will be okay, and that we soon return to our home in Sfantu Gheorghe if that be God’s will. — Anne and Dan

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