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Life Is Full of Surprises…

but God is always there for us.  Why have we been sent on this journey through the fearful Darkness, up and down rough paths, stumbling, falling?  Do we have to know the answer?  I think the reason is not important.  It is what we choose to do in the midst of challenges.  Did we suffer heartache and despair? Yes, we certainly find ourselves there at times. However, God is always with us.  The Darkness cannot hide the Lord because God is Light, and in Him is no darkness according to God’s Word.  

In a few hours, Dan will be in Radiology at HEB Methodist for a drain procedure.  Dr. Anderson decided this afternoon to try aspiration first – stick a needle in the mass bulging out from Dan’s abdomen, and take as much fluid out as possible.  If that doesn’t work, the Dr. will make a hole in Dan’s abdomen and drain more fluid out. He does not know exactly what to expect, but they are prepared for the unexpected.

I asked Dr. Anderson again today, “The C-T Scan in July showed a cancer inside the mass?”  He replied, “”It showed that there was a mass consistent with a cancer.”  Wednesday of this week, Dr. A. said, “the C-T Scan done Sept. 5 showed nothing that looks like a cancer.  There is fluid and something anomolous that is not consistent with cancer.”  Do you think God has heard your prayers to dissolve the cancer?  WE DO!

The Dr. said he cannot guarantee if Dan will be able to manage stairs for awhile after this procedure.  So, guess what, God, who is full of surprises, brought friends tonight to pray over us.  As they were leaving, they offered to let us or Dottie stay at their place…there are no stairs for Dan to climb, and a shower he can simply step into.  They are leaving Monday for a month.  Then, Dottie said, “You don’t have to leave here.”  So, what we may do to give Dottie a break, is go over there on the days Dan is able to shower, spend the night, and come back the next day.  That way, the mail  Dottie will have some quiet time AND relief from all these raw veggies.

I’m not sure, but I think God must be rolling with laughter at how we’ve made all these plans, and time and again had to change plans.  I am sure that God has not only a sense of humor, but a very loving spirit and will continue to provide for all our needs…and yours. Please, continue praying for Dan’s healing and that God use us as tools in His hands to glorify the Lord. — Anne and Dan

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