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This Has Been A Day

The best news first – Dan is OK.  The place they aspirated is very sore when he moves.  But on with the story — We were promised Dr. Reddy, a very good, experienced doc.  Instead, a young doctor drew out 30cc of fluid. As he was doing this, he said,  “Well, that is strange.  It looks like old blood that has separated out.  Just the shape and look of it is like a hematoma.”  The mass could not be drained because it is made up of many tiny cells. Each cell would have to be drained individually.  The Dr. got the 30 cc by breaking through several cell walls with a very thin needle.

Half of the fluid will go to one lab to be tested for infection.  The other half will go to a different lab to be tested for cancer. AND, Dan’s mass has already filled up with new fluid. Tuesday or Wednesday the report may possibly be ready.    

No one has any idea what is next. ( Wikipedia has an accurate description of a hematoma. Dottie found a list of 178 things that can cause a hematoma.)  My question…the Dr. said there was a mass that was consistent with cancer in the first x-ray.  Now, there is no cancer showing up in the x-ray.  Could what is there be the dead cancer in the process of dissentigrating?

Bernie, a doctor in research at Duke University, friend of Bob’s, called tonight. He had the answer to my question.  He said a dying cancer can very well look like a hematoma.  This one in Dan has so many tiny cells of fluid that it is basically impossible to drain.  

Bernie said this disintegrating mass could create infection so watch for fever, pain; report it to Dr. immediately. This afternoon, Dan realized that part of the mass had broken off and migrated to his upper right thigh. That broke off on Thursday/when the pain stopped.  That is what hematomas do if they are not disintegrating…they make more tiny cells, break off and migrate.   So, there’s something to add to your prayer.  We’ll call our doctors first thing Monday.

We are okay.  I felt numb/shattered when we left the hospital with such strange information after being there 4+ hours rather than 2.  But my mood improved when our son, Bob, and his wife, Donna, came in from North Carolina to be with us this weekend.  It’s good to have family with us.

Keep praying for dissolving of the masses, healing for Dan, and peace for all of us who are concerned. Even though this is a very challenging experience, we keep sane by choosing to remember that God is with us. He has not deserted us.  James 1:2-4 reminds us, “Count it all joy…whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  Perseverance must finish it’s work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” — Anne and Dan

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