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A Day of Quiet Beauty

Now and then, we have an incredibly fine day.  Today was one of those days. The sun shone through the big windows filling this house with light, and bringing inside the beauty of the Nature outside.  We have everything we need. We did not have to go anywhere – no doctors appointments, no trips to the store, no rush to the Post Office, no urgent business demanding our attention.  After dinner, we took a short walk in the neighborhood and then sat in the rocking chairs on the front porch enjoying the cool evening.  

Some of our “daughters” are helping me plan ahead so we can arrange to have the help we need after Dan’s surgery.  In January he had to go to Emergency several times very late at night.  I did not want to bother anybody.  Only once did we ask for help to get to Emergency.  That did not work out well.  This time, we will ask in advance whom we may call in the middle of the night if we need to go to Emergency.  Of course, we are also going to pray that this surgery and the recovery period will go much better this time.

This day was made sweeter because we finally got to talk with Bogi, now married, living in Munich.  Then we got to visit with Reka Kovacs who is expecting their 3rd child in December.   The Dr. will probably take the baby at 36 weeks because Reka must have surgery to remove a huge cyst.   Please, pray for these two precious young ladies and their families.  They have taken such good care of us when we were in Sfantu Gheorghe.  God has blessed us with very special “family” in that city.  Please, ask God to bless all of them and provide what they need.  (He knows them by name.)  

Psalm 23 begins with, “The Lord is my shepherd.  I shall not want.”  Regardless of who you are, or where you live, the Lord will be your shepherd if you turn to HIm and follow HIm. — Anne and Dan

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