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A Message from Dr. Kati

Rodger Fulton returned safely last night having spent 3 weeks helping our beloved friends in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania, practice their conversational English using Let’s Start Talking workbooks.  Dear Dr. Kati, our personal physician in Sfantu, sent a beautiful handmade Hungarian tablecloth and a pretty plaque with a message (in Hungarian, of course).  The words of Jesus that are on the plaque she sent say, “I have come into the world as a light so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. John 12:46”

It is that Light that keeps us going.  Though the Darkness tries to engulf us, the Light of Jesus never leaves us.  We’ve been fighting  cancer since last December. We aren’t out of the woods yet.  Satan tried to use it to stop our work in Romania, but God has kept us connected with our beloved friends there.  Another surgery Monday, 12:30...When will we be allowed to return to our home in Romania?  Only God can answer that question.  The good thing is that we have been used by Him for His kingdom during  this season.

Many around the world are praying for us. Some are watching us, puzzled that we believe that whether or not Dan lives, Dan will be okay because he is intentionally following the light of Christ.  Our doctors understand and approve our top priority once Dan is well –  to get back to St. George, Romania, to pick up our work where we left off. That’s where God called us to go.  We will obey God.  — Anne and Dan

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