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The Countdown Has Begun

It is now 12 midnight, TX time. Our sons, Bob, from Raleigh, NC, and Scott, from Montara, CA, are here to support us, their parents, while their Dad is under the surgeon’s knife. Part of our Team of Shepherds prayed over Dan this afternoon.  Part of the Team will be with us and pray for Dan before and while Dan is having surgery.  At 12:30 TX time, Tuesday, Dan will go into surgery for 1.5 – 2 hours to clean out the mass in his pelvis (if all goes according to schedule).

This afternoon when some of our Shepherds came to the house to pray over Dan, he told them, “I feel like I had been given a death sentence, and now I have been set free!”  

Five weeks ago, the young oncologist told Dan, “The cancer is growing.  The chemo failed. There is nothing more we can do.  You need to make arrangements for hospice care.” (What that Dr. did not know was that the increase in size was because more lymph fluid was collecting in the sac.)  We left there very sad because…the doctor did not read Dan’s file.  He just looked at the radiologist incomplete report…and gave us incorrect information.

Now, we have hope that God is planning to give Dan a few more years on this earth.  God called us to help the good people in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania.  He has brought many fine people with good hearts to us who want to study with us…improve their conversational English reading the Book of Luke, and Acts; learn more counseling methods so they can help children and adults who are struggling to overcome painful challenges in their life.  There are many more things that we do to help those with good hearts.  

Every day, we have a joyful reason to get up out of bed.  Thanks be to God, Dan, at 75 years of age, and Anne, almost 74, have a very rewarding life.  Please, pray that God will watch over Dan, keep him safe, bless and guide each person, medical personnel or otherwise, who does anything for Dan.  Especially pray that the doctor will be able to completely clean out the mass, and that the empty mass will grow completely shut.  We are also asking God to, please,  fix the lymph flow in Dan’s body so that he has no more problems with swelling anywhere in his body.  

God is in control.  He is allowing us to walk through the fire. We are growing closer to God, learning more about ourselves, understanding more about God’s purpose for our lives. “  Our “daughter,” Sherrie wrote: “Jesus says, “Everyone who comes to Me and listens to My words and obeys them is like a man building a house.  He digs down deep and builds his house on solid rock.  Then, the floods come, and the water tries washing the house away.  But the flood can not move the house, because the house is built well (Luke 6:47,48-SEB).”  By obeying Jesus’ words, we build up strong and enduring lives on our solid Rock, Jesus Christ.  As we properly live in Christ’s teachings, our lives become unmovable in right living.  Building our lives on Christ’s Solid Rock foundation requires that we “dig down deep into our soul.”  We go deep into the core of our being until we reach that “solid rock” purpose upon which everything makes sense.”  — Anne and Dan


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