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Dan had a quiet night.  Sometime today a portable wound vac will be put on Dan.  If that actually happens, we will sleep in our own beds tonight.  We are uplifted by the loving messages being sent by our friends. Sherrie sent these words that helped get my focus clear this morning about The Next Thing.  “Never forget and  consistently keep the issues simple in your mind: God is always  good.  God always heals, restores, and raises up.  Satan is the enemy  who always destroys.  And, Jesus wins every victory over Satan’s  destructive hurts.

Jesus teaches the truth, ” . . . You will have trouble in the world,  but be strong; I have conquered the world (John 16:33-SEB).”  Paul  teaches the truth, ” . . . Our hearts are made strong by God’s  
gracious love . . . (Hebrews 13:9-SEB).”  Paul teaches a Christian reality fact, ” . . . In the presence of God, Abraham believed that  God could make dead people come back to life, that God could call for  
things that did not exist, as though they existed.  When there was no  hope, Abraham believed with hope . . (Romans 4:17,18-SEB).”  Paul  teaches what happens to Satan by the power of Jesus Christ, “The God  
of peace will crush Satan under your feet soon.  May the gracious  love of Jesus our Lord be with you (Romans 16:20-SEB).”  Love to you,  Sherrie Hammond

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We Were Not Expecting This Mixed Emotions

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