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Well, It Was a Day

Dan is amazingly strong for a man who had surgery two days ago. But last night the Wound Vac gave us some exciting moments.  The Alarm on the Wound Vac went off at 4:30 and 6:40 a.m this morning.  It was blocked, not draining.  Dan shifted, etc. and it began working okay at 4:45, but at 6:40 it stopped, started, stopped, started but never got the suction to where it was supposed to be.  There is a 2 hour window that it cannot work before it becomes an emergency. It was a stressful 2 + hours.  

We called the 800 number. The Help Desk man walked Dan through testing the machine. It was working.  Then we had to wait until 8:00 to call the Wound Vac office. They worked Dan in at 9 a.m.    The PT found the drain tube pressing against bare skin instead of the sponges.  Dan said, “The pain of adjusting the tube and repacking the wound with fresh sponges made me want to ‘climb’ the walls.”  But the good news is that so far it’s working OK.

Peggy, a friend from church prepared us a lovely meal. Since I didn’t have to spend 1.5 hours chopping raw veggies, I had time to wash 4 loads of clothes. Fall is here. It’s raining and turning cooler today – 20 C.  Will be like that the rest of the week.  Tomorrow I plan to go buy a sweater.  (I left my cool weather clothes in Romania.)

Dan rested most of the afternoon and evening. I even got to lie down and close my eyes for 1/2 hour. Dan is not bedfast.  He was out of bed except for his naps. Our mission now, with God’s help, is to get Dan strong and back on his feet so that we can follow wherever God chooses to lead us.  We hear a voice calling from across the Atlantic, across the Carpathian Mountains, from Transylvania. When I asked God for a short scripture for the blog tonight, twice my Bible opened to a map of the countries around the Black Sea. (Romania is on the Black Sea.)   We pray God will help us answer the call.  — Anne and Dan

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