The Grass in God’s Valley Is Always Green

October 26, 2008 at 4:46 am 1 comment

God is leading us through the valley. Did you know that His valley is full of green grass? He is restoring our souls and our bodies. Dan is eating better, feeling better.  The rapid weight loss stopped 2 weeks ago.  Dan now weighs about 170 lbs. That is what he weighed from age 20 – 40 years.  The main difference between those years and now is that he had a handsome head of dark, almost black, hair on top of his head.  Now, he has a light sprinkling of gray hair across his head.  Scripture tells us that God loves us so much He knows how many hairs are on our head.  I’ll tell you what – it doesn’t take long to count Dan’s hairs!  

Rosemarie brought a big colorful veggie salad with red cabbage, cauliflower, red bell pepper, etc. and a large bowl of fruit salad that lasted us two days.  Since I did not have to cook dinner today, I had time to go look for a sweater.  I was surprised to find mostly cotton sweaters.  However, I searched until I found some nice tops to layer for warmth.  It was 28 C outside this afternoon, but cool inside the house. (Most of our winter clothes are in Sfantu Gheorghe.)

One thing we learned in the research on anti-cancer diets, is that cancer cannot survive in a body that has less than 10% protein in the daily diet. Tonight we figured out how many grams of protein (63.2 gm) he can have given that he weighs 170 lbs.  Each day, we learn a little bit more how to take good care of Dan.  Job 17:9, teaches us to hold onto God and He will make us strong. We are holding on tight! — Anne and Dan

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The Sun Came Out Today Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

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  • 1. Sherrie Hammond  |  October 28, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    Jesus says, “He who receives and welcomes and accepts you, receives and welcomes and accepts Me; and he who receives and welcomes and accepts Me, receives and welcomes and accepts Him Who sent Me (Matthew 10:40-AMP).” Jesus says, “The duty I give you is easy. The load I put upon you is not heavy (Matthew 11:30-SEB).”

    Love you,


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