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Angels Surround Us

Today an angel named Natasha helped us from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.  What a difference it made to have her here!  She made Dan’s carrot juice, helped me get lunch ready, took Dan to his Wound Vac sponge change, etc.  

Sad to say, even though Dan took a pain pill before the changing of the dressing inside the wound, it was a very painful experience.  He took another pain pill afterwards.  We are going to request that the Dr. arrange it so Dan does not suffer.  Several have written to tell us that they had wound vac care with pain meds that kept them from hurting.

The good news is that Dan had his Small Group Bible Study in Sfantu Gheorghe before he had to go get the dressing changed.  Because of Natasha’s help, I had time to rest after lunch, talk with Adolf, help Bogi, and Reka via Skype this afternoon.  This was a better day in many ways.  Thank you for your prayers asking God to heal Dan, stop the pain when the wound vac sponges are changed, and make Dan cancer free. When I asked God for a scripture for tonight, He gave me the entire chapter of Acts 10 about the conversion of Cornelius, the first Gentile to become an intentional follower of Jesus.  I wonder what message you receive if you read Acts 10.  — Anne and Dan

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