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Another Mixed Bag Day

Krista brought such a lovely meal today!  The salad was like a beautiful picture in a fancy food magazine.  The entire meal was like an exciting, yet peaceful symphony.  The sun was shining all day; the day was cool.  We even got out for awhile and ran a few errands. Dan has always carried my books for years.  As we were leaving the library, I commented, “Well, now I get to carry your books for awhile!”

Dan’s incision has been hurting since the sponges in his incision were changed yesterday.  He does not complain about the pain, but together we made arrangements for a good Home Health service, and an appointment for the surgeon to take a look at the incision Wednesday, 29 October.  The surgeon will put a temporary dressing on the incision.

The next day, a nurse will come to the house where we are staying, and prepare the wound vac properly. Dan will have pain medication so that the torture will stop.  (What he does complain about is that he is not supposed to lift heavy things or drive the car.  What’s that saying, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”  Wishing does not make the incision heal any quicker.)  

Jesus says to all of you who are helping us in any way, “If anyone gives one of these precious ones a drink of cold water because he is My follower, I tell you the truth, that person will certainly not lose his reward,” Matthew 10:42.  God is remembering your prayers and other kindnesses.  We cannot fight this cancer by ourselves.  Thank you for helping light our path as we walk through this Dark Valley. — Anne and Dan

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