Wound Vac Improvement!

October 31, 2008 at 5:00 am Leave a comment

The lady from Miracle Home Health Care was very careful with Dan.  First, the Dr. prescribed hydrocorto with acetamenaphen (sp?) – 10 mg tp be taken 30 minutes before the dressing was to be changed.  It helped, plus the lady knew what she was doing.  Dan had pain, but it was nothing compared to what was happening at the other place.

He was pretty groggy after that.  However, when Peter and Rie Vali brought our dinner tonight, they stayed to eat with us.  Dan was totally coherent and carried on a very normal conversation.  Later, near bedtime, he was so sleepy, his eyes were falling shut, and his words were a bit slurred from the meds.  
He has to walk very slowly, and carefully because the tape is so tight.  But he was very, very happy that the changing of the sponge in the wound went so much better.  Dan’s strength is returning.  The Dr. said he can drive as long as he is not groggy from the meds, and  lift what he feels like he can – don’t tell him that – he is a man from the Boyd Clan as well as the Crawford Clan! – he will lift the heaviest thing around.  He is looking good.  He is too slender, but the weight loss has stopped.  
He is not giving up.  He is cooperating with the vegan diet.  He is determined to beat that sarcoma. His personal physician told us that they had expected the sarcoma to return after they removed the first one in January.  This type of cancer is very bad.  So, Dan is all the more determined to keep his Ph balance such that cancer cannot grow.
“The Lord helps weak people to be strong.  He causes the people without power to become powerful . . . people that trust in the Lord become strong again like eagles that grow new feathers.  These people run without becoming weak.  These people walk without becoming tired.”  (Isaiah 40:29,31-ETRV). — Anne and Dan

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