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A Little Rest Is Good

It’s funny – almost. Here we are still so tired from being busy all day Friday — two doctors appointments in the morning, packing,  the move and settling back in at Dottie’s in North Richland HIlls…and today the sermon title was “The American Idol of Work.”  But it’s not just in America that everyone is so busy.  We’ve seen it in many countries.  Too much to do, and too little time.

We are still “paying the price” for not taking a rest on Friday.  Even though we were uplifted by worshipping with 2,000 people at 1st service this morning, and had a very interesting class on Ancient Jewish History, we are still tired.  As I reflect on Friday, one of the appointments was with the oncologist who tells us he does not know of any treatment for Dan…maybe radiation, maybe.  

This was not new information, but it does not fit into the category of “if there be any thing of good report, think on these things.”  Could be that a great part of our fatigue is caused by having to hear all that sad information again.  Before we left, Dan told the oncologist that he plans to continue to fight the cancer with the anti-cancer diet.  We are not giving up. But he’s been so tired that his appetite is not good.  We just need a little more rest so we can deal with this better.

Maria, in St. George, wrote, “Whatever is happening in our life, we praise the name of our Lord. He knows better what we need and have to obey Him and love Him. Our dear brother Dan suffers like the Lord did for our sins. And if the Lord will decide to let this precious man enjoy our lives we will have him some more time here.”

“I used to listen everyday from a cd christian songs and always thinking to you.  One of my favourites is, of course, ‘God will take care of you ,’ and the other is, ‘Someone is praying for you, So when it seems you’re all alone, And your heart will break in two, Remember, someone is praying for you…He cares and He knows just how much you can bear, He speaks your name, To someone in prayer.’  God bless you!  We love you and wait to see you soon!  Maria”  With this in mind, we can rest. — Anne and Dan

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