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A Fun Day!

Can you have fun even though you have a rare type of cancer that doctors say has no cure?  Sure you can! Look at Dan today – with his strength returning, he did 3 of his favorite things.  First, he worked on making a data base to help me with his meal planning.  He thinks he can take the info I found on the web about ph, protein and sugar content (haven’t looked for sugar yet), and create a system to tell me if the meal I’m planning fits into his anti-cancer food plan.  (He loves a challenge!)

Later, Jeannette picked us up and TOOK US TO THE LOCAL ROMANIAN FESTIVAL 20 minutes from Dottie’s!  We went straight to the 20 meter long food counter.  I had little Romanian sausage, cabbage salad, and a dessert like apple strudel but with a cottage cheese filling.  Dan had fasole (navy beans).  There were many people in Romanian festival dress who danced and sang for us.  We were hoping it would help us not be so homesick for our friends in Sfantu Gheorghe.  Ha!  Seeing all those lovely Romanian faces made us more homesick. But we were glad we went.

Tonight we went to hear Caedmon’s Call, a Christian music group.  They were awesome. Dan kept falling asleep during the band that was the opener, but he slept not a wink once Caedmon’s Call came on stage!  We went to hear them for two reasons – because they are David Kasselman’s favorite group, and our grandson Michael is an amazing professional drummer in a band of talented university students.  

How you live your life depends upon the attitude you choose to have.  Dan has decided to fight cancer with a positive attitude. Prayer, the strict anti-cancer diet, and guided imagery are his weapons against cancer. Regardless if he lives or dies, he is the winner because he is in Christ.  As Jesus said in Mark 10:29 – 31, “No one who has left home…or children…for me and the gospel will fail to receive 100 times as much in this present age…and with them, persecutions and in the age to come, eternal life.”  Meanwhile, Praise God, today, we had a joy filled, sunny day! — Anne and Dan

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