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In Spite of Bandage Change Day…

Just now, Dan said,”I had a pretty good day today even though when I saw the surgeon, he removed the sponge, and later the Home Health nurse put a new sponge in.”   I asked Dan, “What made it a good day for you?’  He replied, “I didn’t have much trouble from the wound.  And I got several important things accomplished”  (The surgeon is very pleased with the rapid healing of the incision and cavity where the hematoma was.) 

Of course, Mondays are always special for him. Every Monday, 11:30 a.m., TX time, he has the Bible study with some of our dear friends in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania.  Because of Skype, we can see each other when we talk!  This Monday was extra special because Natasha came again to help, AND, Dottie, a superb PhD Missionary Care Specialist, came home from a 10 day trip of ministering to missionary women in South America.

We are so thankful for the veggie meals that our church family continues to provide. Their help allows me to take a rest in the afternoons most days.  The dark circles under my eyes have not gone away.  Makeup can’t hide them anymore from the observant eye.  God is still saying, “Wait,” when I pray for Dan’s healing. The only other thing we can do is to get Dan’s body so healthy that the cancer cannot exist in him.  We continue to have hope that God will give Dan a few more productive years because of verses like the one God gave me tonight,”…wherever you go, I will let you escape with your life.” Jeremiah 45:5b — Anne and Dan

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