The Sun Is Always Shining

November 23, 2008 at 4:49 am Leave a comment

Even though this has been a very challenging week, it ended with much joy.  God filled our day with love.  Melissa, our friend for 8 years, came this morning to help me cut vegetables with my new vegetable slicer.  While she was here, Glenn and Lani arrived from Houston!  We have been friends about 20 years. Marjorie, a friend for 5 years, phoned from Colorado.  All these fine people walk with the Lord…intentional followers of Jesus, and help support our work in Romania.

While Glenn and Lani were here, Adolf and Reka Skyped us from Romania.  We were so happy that they could “meet” each other.  To top our day off, Dick and Hanny phoned from Holland…best friends for almost 50 years!   We celebrate that Dick’s cancer is going away!!!

Dan remains about the same – no fever even though the incision shows no improvement.  The Home Health nurse comes each day to clean it with saline solution, and put a new silver carbon bandage on it. We hope that the wound vac can be put back on after the surgeon cleans out the incision next Wednesday.  Though sometimes we think we are alone, God has not forgotten us. Look at all the love He filled us with today.

Again tonight, for the third time, God gave me this scripture about Dan, “…wherever you go, I will let you escape with your life.” Jeremiah 45:5b. God still has work for us to do.  We choose to believe, to live in hope, and to walk with Jesus no matter how rocky the path or what trials come our way. — Anne and Dan

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In Limbo On a Cloudy Day, You Can Choose to See the SON!

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