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On the one hand, most of our day was peaceful. On the other hand, we are concerned that Dan’s incision is not draining well, redness that started around the edges of the incision has now spread  to a width of 2″ and about 4″ long.  The red area is extra warm. This afternoon Dan’s personal Dr. prescribed antibiotic to stop the infection.  

We have an appointment with the surgeon Monday at 9 a.m.  If he again refuses to debred it (clean it out well so that it can drain properly), we are going to get a second opinion.  The way it is now, the incision cannot heal.  The edges of the incision are sealed to his leg; the excess fluid accumulation is causing painful swelling and now infection has set in.  We don’t know what to think.  We feel confused – one doctor and 3 Home Health nurses say the wound needs to be cleaned out.  The surgeon says, “No.”  

Please, pray that God will heal Dan – heal the wound, heal the cancer, heal whatever is causing the cancer, heal broken relationships, heal whatever is wrong in us.  We trust God, but we are not so sure about which humans we can trust right now.  “God is a God of peace, not confusion.  Everything should be done properly and orderly.”  I Corinthians 12:33,40. — Anne and Dan

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Surrounded by Love Letting God Be in Control

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November 2008

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