Letting God Be in Control

December 1, 2008 at 4:57 am Leave a comment

The antibiotic is beginning to work on the infection in Dan’s wound. But the swelling is causing Dan such pain that he has to take pain medication. (He kept falling asleep in church today.)  The wound is not draining much.  Dan has an appointment to see the surgeon Monday morning…if the Dr. does not cancel again.  We hope the surgeon will clean the wound.  If he refuses, we plan to seek a second opinion.
However, three messages today helped me realize that I have been trying to make things happen to get the incision fixed.  It’s time that I give this problem completely to God again, let it go, quit trying to fix it.  Seems like that sometimes when we keep trying to be in control, God just sits back and waits for us to let Him to be the One in charge.
Since giving Dan back to God today to do with as He sees fit, I have a peace.  Dan will have to take pain medication if he is going to be able to sleep.  But, he, too, feels more calm.  This is the scripture that Dan shared with me tonight – Romans 2:6, “He will give eternal life to those who persist in doing good seeking after the glory and immortality that God offers.” — Anne and Dan

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Confusion Surgeon Did Clean Wound

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