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Surgeon Did Clean Wound

We are thankful that the surgeon cleaned out Dan’s wound this morning.  But the wound is not healing.  There is a strip of skin about 1/4″+ deep all the way around the inside top area of the incision that is loose instead of growing shut.   

The Dr. treated the wound with silver nitrate which kills bacteria.  He put some kind of thick cloth ribbon 1/4″ wide into the incision edges – looped it in and out so there is a full 1″ curve of ribbon outside of the incision every 1/2″ or so.  The ribbon is there to wick the moisture out so the incision can heal. 

The surgeon thinks that what we are seeing in the base of the wound is the tumor – not new tissue filling in the cavity.  He does not think the wound will close anytime soon. It is at least 1 cm (about 1/2″) away from any blood vessels which he says is a good thing.  If it does not close up, it will need chronic wound care.  The Dr. thinks that the wound will eventually become stable.   We are sure we can get the wound care in SG.

Dr. Elieson said, “Dan can have a Normal life style even with chronic wound care.”  What he also needs is for God to heal the cancer in Dan’s body. He is still strong – drives the car, walks a little slowly but walks well. He has a good appetite, his hair is growing back in. He really wants to return to Romania to complete his work there if God’s wills. Sfantu Gheorghe is our home. We have released Dan and his health to the Lord.  We are in His hands.  We are calm. Please, keep praying for us that we be obedient tools in His hands. — Anne and Dan

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