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Visit with the Oncologist

This week Dan had 3 doctor’s appointments.  By the time we get ready, drive 30 – 60 minutes to get to the office, wait awhile before we see the doctor, talk with the doctor who tells us there is nothing to be done to help Dan get well, we wonder why we even go to see the doctors.  It takes at least half a day to go see a doctor…and we come away depressed.  

Today the oncologist carefully checked Dan for any sign of further problems.  He suggested that Dan meet with the radiologist to determine if the incision is in an area that was not radiated.  If it was not radiated following surgery Jan. 8, ’08, (to remove the first sarcoma),  radiation on this incision may help it heal.  

At our request, the oncologist agreed to order a C-T Scan to compare the size of the sarcoma now with the first C-T Scan in July. It might help us know if the cancer is getting smaller,  larger; growing rapidly, slowly.  What we do know is that we belong to Jesus.  We put our trust in Him.  Whatever happens, we will be okay because we are safe in Jesus.

Jamie sent us the words of one of our lifelong favorite songs. This song truly expresses our feelings, our belief, our trust in God.  Dan just happened to be singing it a few mornings ago, and I joined in.  The words, the beautiful flowing harmony all work together to bring us peace.  

“Father, hear the prayer we offer; Nor for ease that prayer shall be,
But for strength that we may ever live our lives courageously.
Not forever by still waters would we idly, quiet stay; 
But would smite the living fountains from the rocks along our way.
Be our strength in hours of weakness, In our wanderings be our guide;
Thru endeavor, failure, danger, Father, be Thou at our side.
Let our path be bright or dreary, Storm or sunshine be our share;
May our souls in hope unweary make Thy work our ceaseless prayer.”
 — “Father, Hear the Prayer We Offer”, by Love M. Willis &  John B. Dykes

May this song bless you and give you a glimpse of what makes us “tick.”  — Anne and Dan

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