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Surprising News

Tuesday one Dr. told us that Dan had a bad, fast growing cancer.  That is what it looked like.  THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT THE C-T SCAN REVEALED THAT THE CANCER IS NOT REALLY MUCH BIGGER THAN IT WAS THE END OF JULY!  How can that be when the Dr. told us just yesterday that it was a fast growing cancer?  What I think happened is that  when the hematoma was removed Oct. 20, it left a space.  Because of gravity, the sarcoma moved down to fill the empty space.

To the bare eye, It does look like it has grown quite a bit.  That would be consistent with the biopsy which reported that it is a fast growing sarcoma.  But I think – in reality, it moved down into a more visible spot which makes it appear to be much larger.  It is pressing against the open incision which creates constant pain and keeps the incision from healing.
One new thing is that a 14 mm nodule showed up in the C-T Scan  on his upper left lung.  Dr. Anderson said, “We don’t know what it is.  We are not saying that it is a new sarcoma.”  Time will tell.  Could it be that your prayers and the anti-cancer diet caused the cancer to barely grow?  What we do know is that we are praising God, and will continue to follow the special anti-cancer diet while we beg God to bring complete healing to Dan. 
By the way, while Scott and Dan met Dan’s new Dr. in Half Moon Bay, CA, Michelle, the children and I went to the almost deserted beach.  It was windy and cold, but, oh, my…the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean with the moon rising above the mountains on the East, and the sun slowly moving out of sight in the West is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen!  How beautiful is our God! — Anne and Dan

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