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The day began with bright sunshine making the colors of every bush and flower glow, and the broad expanse of the Pacific sparkle.  But heavy clouds laden with moisture soon turned the entire landscape grey.  With the high temperature for the day only 9 C., Dan and I stayed indoors.  We had our own time of worship  -listened to Jonathan Storment’s excellent sermon online before we had communion. We ended the day with big bowls of hot soup, a blazing fire in the fireplace, and a game of Rummy Kube.  Sounds like a pretty normal day.

But Dan and I spent most of our day taking care to help his body become healthy. The persistent pain was slightly less.  I helped Dan wash his hair which is now coming back in.  Our granddaughter chopped veggies before they left for church so  I made a tasty salad as well as vegetable soup, made 42 ounces of organic carrot juice, baked small sweet potatoes and apples, cooked organic brown and wild rice, etc.

Again, Sherrie seems to be so in tune with what we need – ” Remember: “Let go of our problems and let God deal with our problems (Matthew 10:14; Psalm 55:22,23; 1 Peter 5:7).”  When we let go of our problems, give our problems to God in prayer, continue believing for a good outcome, then the Lord brings blessed benefits into our daily lives. Forgiveness is letting go of our problems.  When we forgive people or let go of our problems, then we experience more peace, joy, and love within ourselves.  Then, our inner peace, joy, and love flow out to people.  In this way, our light shines, because Jesus has helped us by turning our problems into possibilities for a satisfying good benefit.”  What do you think? — Anne & Dan

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