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The Battle Continues

This day has been very challenging for Dan…and for his wife who hurts when he hurts.  Whining is not going to help anything.  Here we are in northern California, a 7 minute walk from the Pacific, and we are either inside our son’s house, or at the doctor’s office.   Two-thirds of Dan’s body is now covered with itchy hives. A painful Infection has begun again in his wound.  All of this zaps his energy.  And who is he thinking about in the midst of his misery?  Today, he said , “I’m so disappointed. I don’t want to be such a burden for everyone.”  

The Dr. studied the rash, prescribed a steroid cream and is referring Dan to a dermatologist…the round of  hours spent in doctors’ offices is beginning again.  The Dr. gave Dan a prescription for Keflex to combat the infection that has reared it’s ugly head again in the wound.  Please, pray that all these medications will not weaken his immune system further. Everything that has been done to “help” Dan has had unpleasant side effects.

The radiation for the first sarcoma made his right thigh hard like a tree trunk.  Various things make the radiated part red and swollen.  A second sarcoma and a hematoma grew.  We were warned in advance that when the hematoma was removed, the incision might not heal.  Well, sure enough, the incision can’t heal.  The 2nd sarcoma is pushing on the incision forcing it to be open.  

The Home Health service has been a disappointment.  When the nurse became ill,  there was no backup.  The promised phone call and wound dressing for today did not happen.  When I phoned to ask what plan they had for taking care of Dan, they seemed clueless.  However, a nurse promised to get someone out to see Dan Wednesday, or come herself.  Tonight, that office phoned to say someone would be here Wednesday morning. 

But when I walked down the mountain road to the gas station/store to buy Benadryl, I was overwhelmed by the majesty of the wide expanse of God’s Pacific Ocean.  The curvature of the earth was clearly visible!  Driving to the doctor, God’s handiwork -the mountains, the majestic trees, the crop fields, the ocean – all bespoke the power, the amazing creativity, the love of beauty that our God has.  Thank you, God, for this day.  — Anne and Dan

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