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A Happy Birthday

Today had it’s ups and downs, but ended on a happy note. Dan is fever free now.  The rash is still all over his body, but the bumps are a lighter shade of red, and more flat.  He and I took a short walk outside late this afternoon.  Michelle fixed a lovely stir-fry and rice dinner, and a DELICIOUS carrot cake made with some of the carrot fiber left over after she made fresh carrot juice for Dan this morning!  I had greetings from Romania, Holland, Greece, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Uganda, Texas, California, North Carolina, Washington (the State),Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Maryland.

Dan had his class in Romania today.  That is always special to be able to study with some of our dear loved ones there…and to hear their voices, see their faces!

We are very happy to report that our fund raising for medical equipment for the abandoned children and elderly of Covasna County, Romania, is going well.  We have, in hand, $1,360, with the promise of 2 more checks in the mail.  If you have intended to help us provide crutches, canes, walkers and wheel chairs for these hurting people who have no one to help them, please, send us a message through the Comments Box after tonight’s blog. We will send you the address to which to mail a tax deductible check OR you can make a donation on line through the “Donate Now” box on our webpage

Tonight, the message for all of us is from Jeremiah 39:18, ” I will save you; you will not fall…but will escape with your life, because you trust in me, declares the Lord.’ ”  Trust…trust in the Lord…follow Him…He promises to save your life for eternity, but you must trust, follow Him.  This is not a guessing game.  This is not “do what you want and expect God to bless you” game.  This is a “I trust you, God, to use me as a tool in your hands to glorify you.  Show me, teach me, help me follow you” kind of life.  At least, that is the life we’ve been living most of our days.  — Anne and Dan

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