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Christmas Eve in California

Today Dan’s temperature was normal! The nurse came to change the bandage. Dan is recovering from the rash, but still scratches his head, his wrists, his hips.  The infected area in his wound is smaller.  His main concern now is that the radiated area of his right thigh is swollen and has a very sore spot…maybe too much fluid collection because he has not been able to walk enough…or is it something else?

A year ago, we were here in California visiting our son and his family just like we are now .  We had planned a longer stay, but cancer changed our life.  January 8, ’08 Dan had surgery in Texas…and we learned that a rare form of cancer – sarcoma – was removed from his thigh.  Radiation followed which was supposed to take care of any sarcoma still in his thigh and groin.  Well, maybe it did? But now, Dan has another sarcoma just above where the first sarcoma was…and there is nothing doctors can do for it.  It has been a challenging year, but God keeps on carrying us.  

We truly live one day at a time. All plans are tentative, and often have to be changed.  But, really, isn’t that true for everyone?  Who among us has a guarantee that life tomorrow will be what we have planned?  We are finally learning what it means to live the surrendered life…”your will be done, O God,” are not just words we memorized to mindlessly repeat  when we pray.  We have today with no promise of tomorrow.  Dan said tonight, “I’ve had the best day today that I’ve had since we arrived Dec. 11!”  That’s a real gift.  We can have a Merry Christmas as long as we remember that each day is a gift, and that it is our job  and privilege to glorify God by our lives daily. “Whether you eat or drink, do all to the glory of God.”  I Cor. 10:31. That is our gift to Him. — Anne and Dan

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