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Pain has taken a big toll on Dan.  We have discovered that much of his pain has been caused by bandages being put on wrong, or coming loose and causing pressure on the open wound.  There are many reasons for this – nurse in a hurry; nurse not skilled in this area; incision in a very difficult place; tape poor quality.  Tonight, after I put on a new bandage, Dan’s pain level went down to a 2 (on a scale of 0 – 10).  

A new development is that a tiny hole 1/4 inch long opened up in Dan’s thigh where he had radiation with the first sarcoma.  We are grateful that the drainage has already taken most of the swelling out of his right leg.  The oncologist warned us that the hole may never close because of the radiation.  

Today has been a very hard day.  But two good things happened — we saw a real Zeppelin gliding high above the house , and Dan’s pain level went down to a 2.  The Scripture God gave me tonight is Isaiah 49.  There is much in that chapter, but in particular, this comforts me – “The Lord comforts His people, and will have compassion on his afflicted ones.”  — Anne and Dan

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Choosing Our Attitude Be Grateful for the Small Things

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