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Stumbling in the Dark

“How is Dan,” people ask. Truth – He is weak from the infection in the wound, from the rash that covered his entire body for one week, and from having daily to lie in one position so long to get the bandage changed. The nurse said today that the tumor has grown 25% since she first saw it Dec. 13.  However, I pointed out it is my opinion that because the incision is healing on the top edge of the wound, fluid is building up in the wound instead of having an easy place to drain from.  The nurse expects Dan to be hospitalized any minute.  

A question that began to arise in my weary mind recently was, “How much longer can I hold up under this rigorous routine?”  The answer came on New Year’s Day…I can’t stay up, can’t eat, had a piercing headache. After resting 24 hours, I am a little better.

New Year’s Eve night, we got on our computers for a couple of hours…we found places to order the good tape BSN Hypafix, 2″ X 10 yards.  But we really needed it the next day.  Our son finally found the tape at a store in downtown San Francisco that was open on New Year’s Day .  He and his wife fetched it, and got back just as the nurse was beginning to put tape on Dan’s leg!  We were stunned that it costs $24.00 at the store, and $12.00 on line.  But, it is the only tape that is easy on Dan’s skin AND stays on.  We keep learning as we stumble through Cancer’s Dark Valley.

Our son and his family are tremendous helpers during these dark times.  We are to the place where we cannot manage things on our own during the day.  They always prepare the carrot juice and a dinner that Dan can eat.  When our granddaughter  sees that I am chopping veggies, she asks, “Gram, do you want me to chop for you?”  They help us think through things.  The childr4n take care of the dishes. All of them are thoughtful, helpful. And messages from you bring us joy.

The Scripture God gave me tonight is Acts 7:2,3, “The God of glory appeared to our father Abraham….’Leave your country and your people, and go to the land I will show you.”  We obeyed Him when He called us to Romania.  Cancer brought us back to the U.S. for treatment.  What land do you suppose He will show us next? — Anne and Dan

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