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Never A Dull Moment

Dan is okay…now.  This morning, when the Home Health Nurse was gently cleaning Dan’s wound, a steady stream of blood began to flow.  She applied pressure, but the bleeding did not stop.  She then put a pressure bandage on Dan’s wound in hopes that it would stop the bleeding.  An hour later, the bleeding had not stopped.  We decided to take Dan to ER – a 30 minute drive from where we are at Scott’s home in Montara, CA.  

The waiting room was full, and ambulances were coming in every few minutes.  Four hours later, Dan finally was seen by a doctor.  By then, the bleeding has stopped.  It is now 8 hours since we began this drama.  We are waiting for the paper work to be finished.  Then, we can make the drive back to the house in the dark.  Part of the drive is along Highway One beside the Pacific…over Devil’s Slide.  But, our son drives on that highway almost every day.  Even Dan and I have learned to drive on it in the dark, in the rain.  It just adds a bit of excitement to our lives!

Dan just now said, “I thought this was going to be a fairly calm day.  It started out so well.  I fixed our museli for breakfast, washed the few dishes that were in the sink.” ( After that, he was ready for a rest.  He was up, active, doing things for a good 2 hours.)  I said, “It was so beautiful this morning.  I thought I’d surely get to spend an hour on the beach.”  Our son smiled and said, “I was doing so well cleaning up my office.”  We all agreed that we never know what may happen anytime.  But God is always watching over us.  As long as we’re right with God, everything will be all right. — Anne and Dan

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