A “Normal” Day Is a “Mixed Bag” Day

January 7, 2009 at 8:23 am Leave a comment

We are thankful that today was emergency free. The best news is that Dan has gained a few pounds – up to 154 lbs. now.  The next best news is that after several phone calls today, a Cigna Health Insurance rep said they will reinstate our Secondary insurance (like we had last year), and  Medicare will again be our Primary Insurance…in 30 days.  Several times Dan was given a wrong phone number…the funniest was a company who makes artificial limbs for Cigna!   They had a hard time understanding why Dan had called them about Medicare!  

The trip to the doctor Monday was routine – checked the wound (infection less then, but redder today).  The office nurse put the bandage on with me coaching her, but it is in a very difficult spot  low on the right pelvis.  This foggy day began with me asking Dan to let me fix the bandage which was creating pain.   He said, ” I’d rather wait for the nurse than make you do all that work.”  I told him, “You have no idea how much pain it creates in me when I know you are suffering.”  At last, he relented. 

Half-way through putting on the bandage, the nurse came to bathe him.  She put on gloves and assisted me with fixing the bandage.  Trying a short cut to save time did not work.  By mid afternoon, the bandage was causing Dan pain.  He took a Vicodin to reduce the pain level.  And so it goes.

If you read the Comments on my blog, you may recognize the name Barbara.  She is a friend from church out here. Tonight, she brought a lovely organic dinner so that Michelle did not have to cook.  Michelle is dealing well with the death of her father, Dr. Charles Mercer.  By “well” I mean she is grieving her loss deeply, but is able to hold things together.  She spent the morning doing Home School with the children.  (I was amazed to hear her explaining square roots to 6th grader Danny.)  

This afternoon and evening, they worked hard to rearrange our living arrangements.  Michelle and Scott decided to give us their bedroom.  It will be more convenient for us.  It will also put Michelle right next door to the schooling area, and give Rainbow, the elderly cat, more freedom.  So, you see, all our needs are provided for.  God is still good, and  keeping His promises.  — Anne and Dan


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