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The Hours Fly By

Today, Jan. 7, ’09, we slept until 8:30 -(we have a very good bed).  I could hardly wait to get dressed and open the window curtains.  What I saw was so beautiful that tears of joy sprang up in my eyes…from our new bedroom, on our right, we see the tip of Montara Mountain descending into the sea.  From that point Westward, we can see at least a mile wide section of the Pacific Ocean.  What a glorious experience!  Several times today, Dan said, “It is so beautiful here!”

We had a “normal” day – Dan was tired, took 2 Vicodin pain pills last night, and one this morning…and slept most of the day.  When the nurse came to change his bandage, she showed me that the mass was not as big as it was 2 days ago, and that the redness was not as bright red.   We are so thankful!   Also, we are thankful that the amount for the Red Cross has increased to $3,750!  Thank you, American Christian friends who can help with this effort!!!

This afternoon Dan had a C-T Scan.  I will write in the blog what the Dr. tells us about the scan.  I believe it will be good news.  What we need to pray for right now is that the infection in his right pelvis and leg will heal, that the cancer will go away soon, and that the wound will heal completely.  It’d be okay if you pray for good health and peace for all who dwell in this house.  Michelle and her brother, Steve, are so sad about losing their father.  Fortunately, Michelle has several large photo albums full of happy pictures with many fine photos of her dad and the family.

I paused for a moment, and listened.  I heard these words of an old favorite Irish praise song of mine, “Prepare ye, prepare ye the way of the Lord.” The hours fly by –  our day today is over before we knew it.  One day, our day on earth will be over before we know it because the hours fly by.  Dan and I choose to prepare the way of the Lord so that those who sincerely desire to find Him will come to know Him, love Him, serve Him. It is a blessed life.  —  Anne and Dan

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