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A Positive Development?

An interesting thing is happening with whatever  is blocking the closing of the wound. The wound Dr., after first saying it was a hematoma, said that it probably was the sarcoma.   Well, today, as the nurse was carefully cleaning it with saline solution wound cleaner, it began to come loose.  Startled, she said, “I don’t know what to do with it.” Dan and I both said, “Don’t touch it!” Her supervisor, the Head Nurse, comes tomorrow.  She will know what to do.

We can’t imagine it is the sarcoma. When we have the C-T Scan report , we’ll know how much of the bulge is sarcoma and how much is fluid. Dan did not feel well most of today, but was up for awhile, even washed the juicer, rested again.  We are happy that he is able to eat his meals with us.  This has been  challenging because Dan was doing rather well before we left Texas.

Now he is resting with eyes shut as I watch darkness settle on the giant Monterey Cypresses reaching up to the heavens outlined with the rich shades of red, orange, pink escorting the sun to the other side of the globe.  God is God and we are His servants.  The cross we have been given to bear is rough and heavy, yet we have all that we need and more.  

Tonight the Lord again gave me  Jeremiah 35:14 – 39:18. The message I heard again and again is that those who do not follow God’s Word will be removed from God.  And, as God said to Jeremiah, “I will rescue you on that day….I will save you….you will escape with your life because you trust in me.”  Jeremiah 39:18.  To trust Him, you must know Him. To truly know Him, you must be a student of His Word.  If you are a faithful student of His Word, you will come to love Him deeply and follow Him.  — Anne and Dan

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