Every Day Has Blessings

January 12, 2009 at 8:50 am 1 comment

The bandage was hanging by one piece of tape this morning when Dan awoke.  Is the tape we bought on line not really Hyperfix?  Or is it a different quality than provided to doctors?  Or is it simply that the mass, is getting too difficult to place tape on it so it will hold?  No one had called to say a nurse was coming today.  One phone call to Central Headquarters, and 3 phone calls later, a very gifted male nurse arrived.  His bandage stayed taped all day except for the entire right side of the bandage.  That’s better than it being held on by one strip of tape.  It took me about an 1/2 hour to repair it while Dan tried to tell me how he thought it ought to be. He wanted to make the work easier on me.  “Just put a piece of tape on it, and let that be enough.”  Man, that sounds simple.  

All of this is very stressful for both of us. Dan was so tired that he slept a lot today  When I had a minute, I looked out the windows at the beautiful blue Pacific.  I’m grateful Dan cooperated in eating the food Michelle and I prepared for him.  He keeps losing weight – he doesn’t feel like eating some days.  The male nurse, Christopher, talked to him about the importance of eating, drinking water.

Late this afternoon, Jorge and Julie, friends of Scott and Michelle, and now also friends of ours came to visit.  They btought a lovely bouquet of white flowers for Michelle to comfort her in the loss of her father.  When Jorge found out that I like sports cars, he took me for a ride in Julie’s new all electric Tessla sports convertible.  When we were ready to head back “home,”  Jorge asked, “Would you like to drive?”  I didn’t have to think a second…I immediately replied, “Yes!”  Man, what a sweet ride!  (Quite a bit easier to drive than the old blue van in Sfantu Gheorghe!) 

Dr. Thierry Jahan,specialist at University of California San Francisco, has already sent us the phone number of his personal assistant.  We are to work with her to get Dan worked into his schedule.  God worked fast on that connection. Fpr a day that began and ended with bandage repair needs, we still had a good day.  God says, “Wait. Be patient. Wait.”  So…we are waiting. — Anne and Dan


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There Is Balm in Gilead You Have Two Choices

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  • 1. Sherrie Hammond  |  January 13, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    I am praying everyday for God to lift you up and out of your misery and pain. God is answering many prayers on your behalf. Hang on and wait, divine help is on the way! Jesus, in His Knight and Shining Armor, rides into town on His white horse with legions of angel armies following behind him on behalf of Dan and Anne Boyd (Rev.19) plus Scott and Michelle Boyd. Wow, look for the rescue! The heavenly rescue is on the way! Jesus defeats every battle we face.

    “As you can see we admire those who have patience. Remember how patient Job was? And do you remember how the Lord was tender [affectionate, sympathetic, and compassionate] and merciful to him (James 5:11-SEB)?” “Through your faith, God’s power protects you for salvation, which is ready to be revealed at the end of time . . . after your faith is tested through fire, it will last. When Jesus Christ is revealed, your faith will be praise, glory, and honor for him (1 Peter 1:5,7-SEB).”

    Love to you,
    Sherrie H.


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