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Springtime in the Winter of Our Lives


Montara Sunset

God's Sunset Fills Our Hearts

As evening stole upon me, I said, “Goodnight,” to God’s sun, turned away  from the peaceful  waves washing up on the shore and  began the 20 minute trek back “home.”  At the same time, Dan was slowly climbing up the 15 steps that lead to the front door of our “home.” Dan enjoyed reclining in the sunshine with a view of garden and Pacific.  We’re thankful that sunny, cool days are forecast all week, Spring in the winter of our lives! We’re also thankful that I can take an hour maybe twice a week to rest on the beach.

Dan cannot stand up straight anymore without pain, but he can walk slowly without a cane and still climb stairs.  He had a good appetite today eating as much  as he used to when he was well.  We are doing our best to get some weight back on him using healthy foods.  

The wound is not draining much causing the wound to rapidly swell…at least we are hoping it is lymph fluid causing the swelling.  We now have an appointment for Jan. 27 with Dr. Tierrey Jahan, Sarcoma Specialist at University of California San Francisco.  Maybe he knows of something new that will help Dan.  We won’t have a report about the C-T Scan until we meet with him.  

“If there be anything of good report, think on these things.”  Sherrie reminded me of, “As you can see we admire those who have patience.  Remember how patient Job was?  And do you remember how the Lord was tender [affectionate, sympathetic, and compassionate] and merciful to him (James 5:11-SEB)?”  “Through your faith, God’s power protects you for salvation, which is ready to be revealed at the end of time . . . after your faith is tested through fire, it will last.  When Jesus Christ is revealed, your faith will be praise, glory, and honor for him (1 Peter 1:5,7-SEB).”  This we believe…and that’s what gives us hope even in our darkest Winter days. — Anne and Dan

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