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It’s Going to Be Okay…

What is presented as a blessing is turning into a time consuming challenge.  Dan’s sister, Bonny, a very intelligent, caring lady, is Office Manager for a good home health care company.  She chose to learn all of the Medicare rules so that she can serve the people of her community well.  Naturally, we turned to Bonny to learn the U.S. Federal Rules about Home Health Care.  We learned: 1. Federal Law says that the Home Health companies have to follow the doctor’s instructions. 2. it is against Federal law for a company to discharge a patient without doctor’s orders.

When we returned from Dr. Simonton’s retreat near Santa Barbara. Dan’s home health care, Tender Loving Care, (TTL),a national company, announced that Medicare Rules won’t let them come more than 3 days a week.    When the Office Manager saw Dan’s doctor’s orders today for daily wound care, she announced that Dan will be discharged as their patient…that we have to find someone else to take care of Dan.  

At the recommendation of two doctors, we called Sutter Visiting Nurse Association (SVNA).  TTL had said Medicare limits them to 3 days a week.  SVNA said that Medicare only allows 2 visits a week and a family member must be trained to change the bandage the other 5 days a week, that “Medicare expects the family to do something to take care of the patient.”  The company rep went further to say that no matter what the doctor orders, the visiting nurse has the final say.  Two different stories from the two companies.  OOPS!  Have they not read the rules that they contracted to follow?  Why are they telling us things that are not true?

After a long conversation with TTL’s office manager, our son managed to get her to assign an RN to come Saturday, and an LVN to come Sunday.  No wound care has been arranged for Monday.  (By the way, TTL gave two different stories about why the Clinical Supervisor was not available to speak with our son.)  LESSON TO BE LEARNED FROM THIS – KNOW THE LAWS OF YOUR COUNTRY ABOUT YOUR CARE.  SOME COMPANIES WILL TELL YOU WRONG INFORMATION.

All of a sudden, I’m hearing a message in my head, “It’s like with the Bible…many people will say things are in God’s Written Word that are not there.  If a person wants healthy soul care, God expects each one of us to read His Word…and live according to what Jesus taught.”  Interesting thought…do you suppose God really cares?  We believe He does.  — Anne and Dan 



Dan & Josef Studied Together in Sfantu Gheorghe, RO

Dan & Josef Studied Together in Sfantu Gheorghe, RO

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