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Looking for the Silver LIning…

  • There is a saying that “every cloud has a silver lining.”  We can’t find even a bit of silver in this massive storm system that is attacking us. The last two days in the hospital have been very hard on Dan.  He was admitted to the hospital so he can get rest, put on some weight. get in better physical shape before surgery next Monday. 
  •  BUT it’s not happening.. Dan has a roommate who keeps the loud TV on constantly, and “chats” loudly  for long periods of time with each hospital helper that comes to help him. Dan finally gathered up enough strength to get the TV turned off at 4:00 a.m. this morning. Because of slow service at every step of the way today, Dan had no food for 20 hours…and then was too weak to eat when food finally came.

There have been a number of small things that have all added up so that now Dan is exhausted.  Our son phoned the Head Nurse tonight to firmly voice our displeasure. The roommate is wearing the headphones, and  we  have a promise that Dan will get a private room in the morning.  Our son also left messages for the assistants of Dr. O’Dillon and Dr. Jehan that we have some serious problems with Dan’s care.

Maybe tomorrow we will find the silver lining?  Our son and precious daughter in law have their hands full.  They cannot continue to spend 4 hours a day taking me to the hospital and picking m up.  I hope to learn how to take the buses to Parnassus in the daytime.  I’ll still let them give me a ride after dark.

We don’t have to understand the reasons why bad things happen.  Our job is to be faithful to in and day out. He will help us do that   — Anne and Dan

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