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Here’s What’s About to Happen —


This morning the Resident Physician who works directly under Dr. O’Donnell talked with Dan.  Then, Dr. O’Donnell, the surgical oncologist, phoned Dan from 60 miles away.  Based upon the MRI and P-T Scan, this is what they told Dan:
Surgery will be Monday afternoon.  Dan is 3rd on the list.  The surgery will be finished in the early evening.
His leg is not in danger.  
The sarcoma in his pelvis is now the size of a softball & contained in a sac. It   It has a lot of infection inside.
Even though it is very close to a major artery, the doctors believe it can be removed safely.  
A vascular surgeon and a urologist will be on standby during the surgery just in case they are needed.
After removal of the sarcoma, a wound vac will be put on the incision for a few days.
A few days later the Plastic Surgery team will remove tissue from Dan’s stomach area to build a flap inside of his pelvis that will protect the artery.  They will cut a flap out of the stomach area.  It will stay attached to the blood supply.  They somehow turn it over and lay it inside to cover up the wound.  They will keep careful watch to be sure it stays alive. It will grow attached to the new place where they put it.
He is not to lift anything for 6 weeks.
The Dr. also said that M.D. Anderson could have done this surgery.  Dan says that just the thought of having it gone is a marvelous thought.  Lamentations 3:22-26 beautifully expresses God’s steadfast love no matter what we are facing. — Anne and Danimg_3422

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The Silver Lining

Today was a totally different day than the first two days in the hospital.  Our son’s phone calls to the people in charge got immediate worked miracles.  The silver lining came today…a marvelous nurse named Julie! She said she normally works on the 8th floor…and that if we have any problems later, ask her to help!   She was like an angel in disguise.  She calmly looked at Dan’s swollen wound which is not draining much because it has not been cleaned since Monday.  She cleaned it carefully, and put a bandage on that is held in place by very lightweight special shorts.  The night nurse said she will do her best to repeat what Julie did.

The loud roommate went home at noon.  After Dan ate some of his lunch, Julie helped him walk to the solarium overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay.  After that,  Julie  escorted Dan to a private room, L1227,  same floor.  All of our things were in there waiting for us.  Dan slept all afternoon except when we woke him up to take a drink of juice, or to take some meds.  He was to have an intravenous antibiotic tonight.

We thank each of you who sent us encouraging messages today, or said a prayer for us.  These are challenging times, but we will be all right no matter what happens.  We are thankful that our son, Bob, is flying in Saturday to be here for Dan’s surgery Monday.  

We keep praying that God will dissolve the mass, let Dan keep his right leg, and that the plastic surgery done inside Dan’s pelvis will protect the veins.  There are many other things that we pray about – God’s glory and power, our thankfulness for Jesus and all He has done for us, our loved ones near and far away.  May God be with you. — Anne and Dan

Is that Dan, wrapped in a hospital blanket, or a guru!

Is that Dan, wrapped in a hospital blanket, or a guru!


Ocean Going Ship in San Francisco Bay as Seen from the Hospital Window

Ocean Going Ship in San Francisco Bay as Seen from the Hospital Window

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